Experience the ultimate flexibility and convenience with our Gas Spring TV Wall Mount for 17"-35" screens. This innovative mount offers full motion flexibility, allowing effortless adjustment in all directions without the need for tools. The durable gas-strut cylinder and conical joints ensure smooth and stable operation, while the ecological interface enhances your gaming and viewing experience.

Designed with a single-extension, compact, and retractable design, this wall mount saves valuable space in your home. The integrated cable management system keeps your cables organized and hidden for a clean and clutter-free appearance. The strong die-cast aluminum alloy construction with a chrome shining finish not only provides a sturdy structure but also adds a touch of aesthetics to your space.

Our Gas Spring TV Wall Mount is also available in an anodized black variant, offering you more options to match your decor.


Technical Parameters:

  • Suitable for 17"-35" screens (please ensure your screen's installation holes fall within our range)
  • Maximum load capacity: 4.4-22lbs / 6.6-26.4lbs (make sure your screen falls within this range for the gas spring to function properly)
  • Profile: Minimum 3.94 inches, Maximum 17.52 inches
  • Vertical screen movement: 0-7.68 inches
  • Tilt range: -30° to 85°
  • Swivel range: 180° (left/right)
  • Compatible with screen holes at 3x3 inches / 4x4 inches (adaptors available for 8x4 inches / 4x8 inches / 8x8 inches)



  • VESA Compatibility: Supports VESA mounting standards of 3x3 inches, 4x4 inches, 4x8 inches 8x4 inches, and 8x8 inches with the use of an adapter.
  • Tilt Range: Effortlessly adjust the tilt angle from -85 degrees to 35 degrees for optimal viewing angles.
  • Screen Size Range: Designed to accommodate screen sizes ranging from 17 inches to 35 inches.
  • Profile: Offers a minimum profile of 3.9 inches and a maximum profile of 17.5 inches, providing flexibility in positioning.
  • Swivel Range: Enjoy a wide swivel range of 180 degrees to easily adjust the screen's orientation.
  • Standard VESA: Supports standard VESA sizes of 4x4 inches, 8x4 inches, 8x8 inches, and 3x3 inches.
  • Suitable Screen Size: Designed for screens with a diagonal size of 35 inches.
  • Package: Includes necessary components for installation.
  • Number of Panels: Designed to hold a single panel.
  • Model Number: F150
  • Load Capacity: Can securely hold screens weighing between 4.4 pounds and 22 pounds.
  • Lifting Distance: Allows for vertical adjustment with a lifting distance of 0-7.7 inches.
  • Installation: Designed for easy wall mounting installation.
  • VESA Compatibility (F150 model): Supports VESA sizes of 3x3 inches (75x75mm) and 4x4 inches (100x100mm).
  • Adjustment: Provides full-motion adjustment capabilities for enhanced viewing comfort.

These specifications ensure compatibility, flexibility, and stability, making the F150 wall mount an ideal choice for securely positioning your monitor within your desired viewing angles.

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